Record Types

Used to customize business processes, picklist values and page layouts for multiple groups of users

Record Types

  • To category each row of object like different type.
  • We can set picklist values based on record type
  • sample record type would be like employee, student etc.
  • Record type can be associated with profile
  • Can show different layout based on record type
  • Record type will be saved as record id in each object row
  • Default record type is “Master” which Salesforce will create by default
  • Record types allowed you to use an object for multiple purposes & stream lining the UI for the users
  • Can assign record types to profile so when user create records they can select only allowed/assigned record types
  • While creating record type you need to select profile and layout associated with that
  • Record type control following 3 things
  • Creating record types
  • Picklist manage with record type
  • To see record types associated with profiles
  • Record type assignment to profile will control record create and edit, but not view record
  • Record type don’t determine the security of the records. Record type will only determine which page layout to show when creating and editing records
  • Disadvantage of record type: Suppose if we have more page layouts which assigned to profiles with record type. If you want to add a field for everyone, you need to manually go layout by layout and need to add that field.

NOTE: Different types of users can be grouped with profiles and permission sets in Salesforce

NOTE: User can be assigned to one profile at a time

NOTE: We can add record type in layout to know which record type is used from set of available fields

NOTE: If profile assigned to one record type then record type select screen won’t come

NOTE: If the record type change not working clear browser cache and try once, some time lightning will do caching

record type won’t decide security

more page layout problem when adding new field, need to add in all profile

more layout when new field added new to re arrange manually

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